Banana pudding poke cake

Cake 94

1 box yellow cake
2 packages instant banana pudding mix
20 each vanilla wafers
8 oz whipped topping
2 each bananas


  1. bake cake as directed in 9×13″ pan
  2. let cake cool for about 2-3 minutes and poke holes with the stick of a wooden spoon or something of that size
  3. in bowl whisk together pudding mix and 4 cups milk. let sit just to slightly thickened (still able to pour)
  4. pour over cake, spread with back of spoon being sure to push into holes.
  5. refrigerate cake until completely cooled.
  6. slice bananas over pudding top and then spread whipped topping
  7. crush up wafers, leaving a few larger pieces for crunch. sprinkle over cake. this step can be saved until right before serving so cookies keep their crunch.